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Waaah — Waaah!

We have babies at our house. Vegetable babies. Brand new, teeny, tiny cucumbers and zucchini and tomatoes. We’re out there every day so they are benefiting from lots of carbon dioxide as we pant with bated breath waiting for something to happen. Bruce is almost as nervous as an expectant “father”. He hasn’t started pacing the floor just yet. Maybe closer to the time of “delivery”.

I called the county home economist last week to find out about checking the gauge on my pressure canner. It hasn’t been used in — ahem — many years. I knew that one day I would want to can again. Now that we have a lovely little garden, there is a good reason to bring out the supplies. I wore out a Brillo pad scrubbing it up and there it sits — shiny and clean.

Today I found out several pieces of good news. First, my canner is still being sold so that parts are still available. It is a very popular model, apparently. Second, although the canner itself is expensive, the individual replacement parts are not. I did send for a new copy of directions, even though I remember (I think) how to can. However, to play it safe, I should have one.

I received this canner many years ago from my parents who (God rest their souls) were good about buying me practical gifts that we couldn’t afford back when we were as poor as church mice. I also still use the Kenmore zig-zag sewing machine they bought me for Christmas way back. I sewed Jim’s baby layette on that machine. That tells you how old it is! (Sorry, Jim!)

Anyway, I also dug out the canning jars that were stored under the house in the crawl space. The boxes were rotten, of course, but the glass jars are fine and I’m glad I hung onto them. Now I’m on the look-out for lids and rings on sale. I’m even contemplating finding a food processor to slice vegetables for canning and freezing. I found an estate sale listed in the want ads today. So Saturday I will scout out that. Old ladies tend to hang on to canning supplies. (Ooops, did I say old ladies? I meant wise ladies.)

Grow, little veggie darlings, grow. Mom and Dad want you to grow up to be big and strong.

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Wrinkles and Time

Only two days after thinking to myself, “Kath, old girl, you don’t look too bad for a senior citizen” I noticed a new wrinkle today as I put on my make-up. I don’t think it was there two days ago. After I wiped off the mirror, it was still there. Oh well, there we are.

Bruce’s baseball team won their first game yesterday — 3-2. It was a great game with several really good plays. Though warm, it was a beautiful day. I headed to the bleachers that were in the shade, at least 15 degrees cooler. The Indians were ready to go!

Last night we went down to the Riverwalk to watch some of the activities that were part of Thunder Over Augusta, part of the Armed Forces day. We saw the Old Guard perform, a drum, bugle and fife team, dressed in Revolutionary War uniforms. I don’t think the younger generation realizes the historical basis of today’s drill teams because I sure didn’t. Lee Greenwood and his band performed over an hour of great music. The concert was followed by a fantastic fireworks display. The best we’ve ever seen. What a great Saturday! All we lacked was apple pie.

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Oh, Mother

I’ve said before, the simpler holidays are usually the best. So it was with Mother’s Day, this past weekend.

On Friday we took Emily to a Greenjackets baseball game. It was hot dogs and french fries and lemonade for supper, popcorn and soda pop for dessert. The game was good, The Jackets had been on a nine game winning streak. They ended up losing 5 to 3 to Columbus but it was a good game. Augusta’s mascot is a green yellowjacket (if that makes sense) who Emily called “The Bumblebee.” She got to high five “Auggie” the mascot and, as usual, was well-behaved, however the game was about two innings too long for a five year old. “Is it time to go, Nana?” It was also past her bedtime. She conked out about five blocks from the stadium. So by the time we got her home, she was sound asleep. Bruce had to carry her in to the house. It was a great evening.

The next day after baseball practice we took off for a blues festival in Thomson, a little town about 20 miles from here. The concert was held in a field with a stage set up. Bruce brought the umbrella for some shade. It was fun to sit and listen to music while enjoying hamburgers and low country boil. Although, billed as a blues festival, they also played gospel and country — a great eclectic mix. We got home about dark.

Sunday after church we ate German food for lunch. Then Jim came over with a new family picture and we sat on the porch on a breezy afternoon and talked for several hours. The gift of his time was a wonderful present. David’s card was so on the mark, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. A diverse weekend with simple days all strung together. Perfect.

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What a busy week! Fun, but almost too busy. Between church and a garden club project and home we’ve been firmly on the go. This week also overlapped soccer and baseball. Because of Master’s week and a game rained out we had two soccer games this week. Thursday’s game was so exciting I was late to my sign language class. Today’s game was not so wonderful, especially with referees who are not consistent in their calls. So we ended up the season 3-4-1.

However, Bruce started with baseball and his eight and nine year olds this week too. I must remember the sunscreen. We’re both rednecks tonight! These little guys are so enthusiastic! One fella wanted to wear his cleats to school. The dads are ready to help. They all (moms and dads) grew up playing baseball and understand it better than soccer. (I’ll bet that won’t be the case with the next generation of dads.) Anyway, it’s heartening to watch them practice – hitting, catching, throwing, running, and, yes, even remembering to step on the bases. This team is also co-ed — one little girl has a great arm. She throws better than her brother! This is going to be a fun summer. I better stock up on sunblock.

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