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Can It

The kitchen floor is still a little sticky. It will get scrubbed Monday.

I blogged last year about our adventures in canning, We drug out the jars from the crawl space under the house and washed and readied them. “My mother would have been proud of you for saving these,” said Bruce. I resurrected the pressure canner from the store room, bought new lids and rings and away we went to the Farmers’ Market.

We made and gave away strawberry-blueberry jam and bread and butter pickles. We canned pickled peaches and sliced peaches. However, the all time best investment was green beans. They taste like the ones we both knew growing up. We started eating them soon after they were canned and had them up until Easter. A quart was good for two meals so we averaged three meals a week with green beans as one of the vegetables. Last summer the un-fun part was all that slicing. Oh, aching wrist.

However, this year we got smart and invested in a food processor. We got a Hamilton Beach. So it did all the grinding for the pickles relish and slicing for the bread and butter pickles. And — in no time flat! A mere fraction of the time. We now call him “Mr. Beach.”

Because we weren’t worn out with the pickle process, the bean chopping wasn’t so dreadful. We worked through a box of beans in about an hour and a half. (Is a box and a bushel comparable sizes? I think they look like the same volume — but does anyone know? I do know that it’s easier to ship stackable boxes as opposed to unstackable bushel baskets.) “Our beans came from North Carolina,” said Bruce. “How do you know?” I asked. “It says so on the box.” (Isn’t literacy wonderful?)

So — we’re down to two dozen quart jars and will be ready for another round of green beans soon. Time to fill the larder for winter. If you have any old jars lying around, quarts or pints, let us know.


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