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Oh, woe is work . . .

It is hard work going on vacation.

First, you have all the preparation to do just to “get gone”. Clean up the yard and the house, wash clothes, get the cats’ feeders on the porch, pack the suitcases, gather up all the beach stuff, get the dogs to the kennel, wash the dishes, pack the car, water the plants, dump the trash, take the dumpster to the curb, and remind the good neighbor who keeps an eye on things and gets our mail while we’re gone. For us, that’s a half day’s work. We’re worn-out before we’ve even left the driveway.

Second, there’s the drive down there. But we stop for lunch along the way. And it’s an enjoyable drive.

At Edisto we have to check in at the rental office for our keys and parking tag. Thank heavens the place we rent has an elevator or we’d be hauling everything up two flights of stairs. Since we stay a week, we have to unpack everything and put it all away. We have to make a trip to the Pig (the local Piggly Wiggly grocery store, the only grocery on the island – the absolute heart beat of the community) to stock up on food. We also make a trip to the water depot on the island for jugs of fresh drinking water.

By that time, we’re ready for a rum and coke as we watch the sun go down while sitting on the balcony that overlooks the inland creek. It’s a tough job . . . .

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Water – Water

This is hurricane season.  We get updates on the news occasionally to keep emergency supplies handy — water, batteries, meds, first-aid kit, non-perishable food, etc.    Well — there are more reasons than that to be prepared.

We woke up last week to no water.  None.  Nary a drop.  I knew I’d paid the bill, so that wasn’t the problem.  Anyway, Bruce dressed, grabbed a flashlight and struck off in the pre-dawn dark to check the water line.

At the cut-off, he found the problem.  During the rain the night before, a tree limb had fallen on the water cut-off valve and broken the line underneath it.  Square on.  Smack on top.  Perfect hit.  He immediately called the water utilities for them to turn off the water at the street so we didn’t have a bill from hell.  To their credit, they came promptly and shut it off.

Bruce called our plumber and waited — and waited — and waited.  He finally called back at 1 PM to tell us he was on his way, as soon as he finished a repair at this mother-in-law’s house.  Ooops, we knew we were outranked.  For peace to reign at home, mama came first.  I prayed her problem was small and insignificant.   About 5 PM he finally made it and after going for a necessary part (and eating his dinner) he got it repaired about 8, just as it was getting dark.  I was just about ready to call the neighbors and tell them to expect us at their outside hydrant.

It’s a real pain to be without water all day.  We both went to the faucet a dozen times each forgetting that it wasn’t on.  Thank heavens I had a gallon of water left from our last beach trip and that I make coffee at night so it brews with the timer and that we both take our showers before bed instead of morning.  However, the toilets — now that’s another story . . . .

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