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The South Carolina Tourism has a great new commercial.  A man and his son are playing catch in their back yard when the boy throws the football over the back fence.  The dad says he’ll get it and climbs over.  On the other side he sees cobblestoned streets, a horse-drawn carriage, and antebellum houses.  An older man is standing there holding the football.  “You looking for this?” he asks.  “Thanks,” says the guy as he catches it.  “Are you interested in seeing the haaahbaaah?” he asks in his beautiful Charlestonian accent.  “No, not today,”  the man replies as he climbs back over the fence.  It ends with — “Charleston — it’s closer than you think!”

Indeed, it is.  Just three hours from here.  For our anniversary this year, we returned to the lovely old inn where we spent our honeymoon four years ago.  It’s in the French Quarter and there’s not one plumb wall or level floor in the place.  But, oh is it ever charming.  So Old World you really do expect horses to be tied up out front.  The Vendue Inn has a gentility, reminiscent of two hundred years ago.  In fact, Bruce said, “Now I know why you love Charleston — it reminds you of Europe.”  He’s right — it does.

The weather was extremely cold, by Southern standards, and I’m still not up to really long stretches walking.  However, we had a pleasant weekend, enjoying each other and restaurants, and the market, and the ambiance of days gone by.


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Snow and Stuff

Last night the news said that 49 of our 50 states have at least some snow on the ground.  Sorry, Hawaii — no sledding for you!  Our local news showed some impromptu sledders going down a steep slope at an apartment complex here in town.   We see the complex on our way to the grocery store on Wednesdays and I often look at that slope and think — “You know if  it ever snows . . . .”  So the residents there got out their inflatable rubber mattresses and big pieces of cardboard, and away they went.  I was proud of them!

Here — we are planning on continuing with our trip down to Charleston after it warms up a bit and the roads clear.  Which it will.  The dogs were going to board at the vet’s who called yesterday afternoon to say “Bring them now as we’re closing tomorrow morning.”  So off we went to get Annie and Ginger settled in.  The odd part was not having them home last night.  We kept wondering where they were and was it time for a “business” break outside.  It’s like having the kids away at camp.  Feels nice but also odd.  Rags, though, decided that inside was warm and toasty and she had no problem being dogless.

Well, it’s 8AM and already 30 degrees outside.  Better go pack.

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I’m now able to drive myself.  This surgery has been slower in this regard than the one three years ago because it was my right knee — my driving leg.  It had to be limber enough to be able to slide back and forth from accelerator to brake.  Usually this seems a small task but not if your leg is stiff and awkward.   My surprise is how much I’m enjoying again getting myself from point A to point B.  Bruce is a darling about helping me — that’s not the point.  It’s that feeling of independence that most of us take for granted.  It feels good and I am reminded of how others feel when they must give up that freedom.  Not a happy prospect.  Miss Daisy lost her car but  gained a friend.  (You may now hum the “Driving Miss Daisy” theme song — )

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