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Finally, spring is officially here.  Yesterday we cleaned the deck and the screen porch.  Yesterday the pine tree pollen started.  Figures.

Yes, our backs were aching last night.  We didn’t scrub down the deck last year and it showed.  Our climate is too warm and shady for the green grunge not to take over if we let it.  Out came the chlorox and the pressure washer.  I sprayed the bleach while Bruce followed behind with the washer hose.   Gone was the green — and flakes of old paint.  The deck needs an update with new paint and a few new boards.  This is the time to do it before it gets too hot and then we can sit back and enjoy it.  We even cleaned the crud off the plastic chairs!  Wow, they look new.  We had a side table/footstool that Bruce brought with him that seemed ready for the dumpster.  Boy, not anymore. Now it gleams shiny white.  (I thought it was gray actually.)

Friday I washed all the rugs and bedding and pillow covers from the porch and had those ready to go fresh and clean for the warmer weather.  This afternoon I used the daybed to rest my sore back.  The rewards of labor, huh?


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Cold Measures

How do you gauge cold weather?  By what the weather man says?? By the amount of time spent shoveling snow?  By the times your car won’t start?   Or do you have another method?

I measure cold weather by how many turtleneck shirts I wear each winter.  There have been  years when I wore them very seldom.  They were too warm.  This winter I have worn them (all eight or nine I own)  repeatedly.  It is unusual for me to wear them almost daily. Before my surgery last year I bought two new soft warm knit  trousers that would feel good against my sore knee as it healed.  They too have been worn almost daily.  With my few sweatshirts, I did manage to stay warm.

Our local weather reports say that this is the coldest winter in many years.  I believe it.  Just look at my laundry.

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