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Through the years I’ve sprained my ankles multiple times but I’ve never broken a bone and thus never had to wear a cast. That is until yesterday.

My left ankle has been hurting since early April.  I’ve limped around for over two months. Whenever I’d mention it to a doctor I was told it was fasciitis, an inflammation of the connective tissue.  I had done everything I could to relieve the pain, to no avail.  However, I had an appointment with my orthopedist, a great guy out at the Army hospital where we go for medical treatment, the one I waited months for while he returned from Iraq so he could perform my knee replacement surgery.  So after I mentioned my throbbing ankle to him,  he reached over and rubbed his thumb along the inside of my ankle.  My bulging eye balls told him he had found an inflamed tendon.  The treatment?  Four weeks of immobility.

In the cast room a nice sergeant fitted me with a lovely purple walking cast and I hobbled out the door.  So far, the only big problem is getting used to the “lovely” velcro boot that has to best resemble a very cheap clown shoe.  It is rather larger than I’d like.  However, they come only in small, medium, large and “oh my gosh”!   Even more attractive is the shower curtain-like bag with a big wide rubber band around the top.  That’s for covering the cast when I shower.  Sexy, it ain’t.

But, already the ankle feels better.  Only 3 weeks and 6 days to go.

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Cloudland Canyon

Bruce and I realized tht it rains every time we camp, which isn’t all that bad.  The sound of rain drumming on the tent is rather soothing.  However, this last time it STORMED — big time — thunder — lightening — heavy rain — all night.  We even got a some rain inside the tent.  It was enough that we had several hours of clean-up the next morning.  Our rugs in the tent needed to visit the dryer in the laundry room.

We like camping — but not when it is hot and humid.  Thanks heavens Bruce brought two small fans which made sleeping more comfortable.  But our last night there I slept with only a sheet over me, which means it was hot.  Normally I’m the one buried inside my sleeping bag.  So — we came home two days early, ready for some AC and our wonderful soft bed.  Bruce’s bad hip had had all the cot “comfort” it could enjoy!  So from now on — three or four days in the early spring or late fall will be our camping excursions.  However, nothing beats Spam and scrambled eggs and grits with fried bread for breakfast.  Yum, yum.

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Camping season is upon us.  We’re headed off to Cloudland Canyon State Park in north Georgia on Monday.  That means we’ve been dragging out the camping stuff from closets and and the shed.  We put things away last October knowing we weren’t camping again until spring.  So out it came this week — the pots and pans and dishes and linens and sleeping bags and tent and screen house and all the stuff in between. We’re planning on staying a week so we’ll have to set up housekeeping.   Truth is — we set up housekeeping even if we’re staying two nights.

We went up to Cloudland Canyon last year after I watched a program on Georgia Public Television about the state parks.  One ranger said his favorite park was Cloudland Canyon in Rising Fawn, Georgia (how’s that for a quaint name?) which to me was the gospel.  We liked it.  It’s a beautiful place.  This time we’re staying long enough to explore the nearby attractions — like Rock City and Ruby Falls.  The weather channel says it will be cooler there than it will be here — duh — it always is in the mountains!   So — the dogs are going to the kennel and the neighbor will feed the fish.  We’ll be in the woods!

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