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Family Ties

What is better than a hug from a beloved relative?   Nothing!

The Hubble Family Reunion just gets better and better.  We have attended each year since I retired.  For ten years or so prior to then, when the start of the school year got closer and closer to July 4th, I couldn’t attend.  I had to teach school the day after, so I couldn’t get back from Illinois fast enough.  Now it’s an annual event.

Bruce has the routine down.  He sits with the other husbands and they talk about “guy” topics.  Everyone eats way more than they should, sampling a little of everything.  We go home (or back to the motel) hot and sweaty, ready for a shower and a tiny, simple supper.

My cousin, Judy, the keeper of the family farmstead, retired last year so she now has more time to plan.  She and her siblings added a Saturday evening get-together with wine and cheese goodies.  (Rather unique since our grandparents were tee-totalers. . . .)  That was great fun because we had more time to visit with more people.  Each year I try to have a very long talk with one of my cousins to catch up and reconnect.  This year was Shara.  It’s interesting to discover what we share in common.  Her daughter graduated from Coastal Carolina University where my daughter-in-law, Darlene taught.  Small world stuff, right?

They showed slides from the past.  Wonderful to see my father at a party responding to something funny.  I could almost hear his big laugh!  The cousins also put together a CD for us to take home.  Lots more pictures to enjoy.  What a labor of love!   I guess that is what family is for.

I think our parents and grandparents would be proud — so perhaps they’d overlook the wine business.

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