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All Decked Out

The deck is all finished and Bruce is all tired.  He’s done a beautiful job and it looks great.  Our neighbor even suggested that Bruce join the carpenter’s union.  Not any time soon, I think.  He is much too pooped.

Climbing up and down, measuring and sawing and drilling and nailing is hard work.  Especially in Southern heat.  His goal was to finish by yesterday before the rain came today.  He did just that.  Unfortunately, today the cooler weather arrived too.  Now all we have to do is wait for the wood to season before we paint it to match the siding.  Bruce has until spring to rest up.


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Familiar Faces

One of the great parts of this year’s family reunion in Illinois was the CDs my cousins made for all of us.  Lots of old family photos from each branch of the ten children of our great-grandparents.

One photo was especially poignant.  There were Aunt Wenonah and Aunt Beulah as young girls about 8 and 9.  Looking back were the faces of their granddaughters, Sara and Janet.  I have this theory that children often look more like their grandparents than they do their parents.  I’ve seen it over and over.  I never realized how much son, David, looked like my dad until I found a picture of daddy at 21. There was David looking back. One of Bruce’s grandsons is the image of his granddad.  He even smiles just like Bruce.  When you think of all the genetic combinations possible, it’s a wonder that it happens at all.  But — thank heavens it does.  We need our family faces.  It keeps us connected, doesn’t it?

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