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On the Porch

Two weeks ago the weather man predicted rain.  Since we are again in drought conditions, I was anxious to see some moisture.  Ginger, as usual, woke me about 7.  She has a way of slapping her tail against her bed, a big flat pillow, that could wake the dead.   Annie, in the back bedroom, hears Ginger and me padding down the hall and also wakes up.   Since it wasn’t yet raining, I quickly let them out to do their business.  I took my coffee and rosary out to the porch for some quiet time, still with a eye on the sky.

After about ten minutes I heard the first raindrops hit the aluminum roof so I brought them in.  They both had recently had baths and I didn’t want two dogs with eight muddy paws tromping through the kitchen.

Annie went to her bed in her crate and Ginger followed me out to the screen porch.  Once there she, as the Southerners say, started “raising sand”, barking and barking  with her head under the daybed.  Since Raggs, our calico cat, likes that spot, I shushed Ginger — who would not stop.  Okay, I thought, I’m going to have to scoot Raggs to a more cat-friendly area.  “Raggs”, I discovered, had a long pointed snout and beady black eyes and a long skinny pink tail.   O. Possum had apparently forgotten that he/she is a nocturnal animal and had missed curfew.  Or else it was sleeping off a night of gluttony stuffing itself with free cat food.   After putting Ginger inside the house, much to her displeasure, and brave soul that I am, returned to drinking my coffee,  praying my rosary and listening to the rain.  O. Possum and his full tummy went back to sleep.

When I did come into the house, I made sure the porch door was open to the outside then I shut the house door — tight — and even locked it — just in case.


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Last Sunday afternoon I attended a lecture about the stained glass windows in our church, the Church of the Most Holy Trinity.  Established in 1810, this is the church’s Bicentennial year.  There have been several events to celebrate the event that we’ve missed for one reason or another, so I really wanted to attend this offering.  I even got there early and found a good seat.  The professor who gave the lecture had even written a book about the windows.  She was difficult to hear — even miked, many people forget that they still must project into the microphone.  “Let me begin with a history of stained glass windows . . . .”

I fell fast asleep.  I mean outgonesound asleep.  I woke up about 15 minutes  from the end and I have no idea of what she covered for a half hour.  She did show slides that illustrated the windows were copied from famous paintings from Christ’s life.  That, in a nutshell, is what I learned.

When friends said, “Wasn’t that a great talk?”  I nodded.   I also learned that the day bed on the porch is much more comfortable than a church pew.


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