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I’m never sure when Christmas is really over.  Sure, according to the calendar, December 26th would do.  However, the tree and (scant) decorations this year are still up and generally stay that way in this house until the Feast of the Epiphany which is January 2nd this year.  So here we are.

Yesterday, it snowed.  Not a lot, but any snow in the South is significant since few people know how to drive in it.  Bruce is still wearing the big black boot on his injured leg.  No way could he risk slipping on the wet slick surfaces so we stayed home from church which is rare for us to miss.  It felt like a snow day on the midwest, except here we don’t shovel, we wait.  Mother Nature takes care of it in a day or so.  In Kansas and Nebraska I always worried about having enough food and supplies because sometimes being shut in could be as long as a week.  However, we had lots of food left over from Christmas.  We got ambitious this year and baked a ham and a turkey and a hamloaf.  Bruce also wanted potato salad rather than mashed potatoes.  We fixed squash casserole.   These all get easily reheated or served cold.  We were able to send the cookies home with Jim and Marilyn.

Now we have lots of leftovers so how long could we be eating these?  Until the snow melts?  Or perhaps until Christmas is really over.


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Infirm.  At our house, at least.

Last year I was hobbling around, waiting for my knee replacement surgery, then recovering from it.  This year Bruce is hobbling around on his crutches, waiting for the screws to be removed from his ligament repair.  Then he’ll hobble more as he recovers from that.

All this means that last and this year our Christmas preparations have been curtailed. We stuck to a lighted wreath on the front door.  Our tree has most of the usual ornaments with lots of lights.  The little white creche is on the fireplace mantle covered with lights and a garland.  I have the usual large red poinsettia that I buy each year. However, I left packed up the many Father Christmases that I’ve collected for years.  No lighted tree and reindeer in the lower yard.  Hope our neighbors don’t protest.  They were beautiful — adding a special touch to our entire street as they lit up the dark night.

The good news is that it will be much easier to pack up later.  Our sons got the boxes out of the loft in the shed when they were here for our Thanksgiving dinner.  Maybe they can come back in January to put them back?  But will I have to bake a turkey?  Maybe turkey subs will do, huh?

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