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It’s finished.  Finally — although the renovation lasted less than three weeks, it seemed longer.  We discovered that when the kitchen is in disarray, so is one’s brain.  One day as we were eating a breakfast of microwaved grits in the study, Bruce said, “It’s like living in a dorm room again.”

Our kitchen designer and installer were great men to work with.  They were helpful and patient with us as the work proceeded.   The old cabinets and appliances disappeared to expose bare walls.  The sink went to the opposite side of the room, the wall oven and cooktop became a range and the old countertop microwave became a microwave/vent/light unit built in above the range.  With lazy-susans and pull-outs in the oak cabinets and more cabinets overall, I now have room for everything — all at my fingertips.  The new granite countertops and vinyl floor look modern but with a traditional motif at the same time.

Several really nice features are the soft-close drawers and pull-outs.  When pushed in they close themselves at the end without banging.  The roll-out trash bin also  has a  recycling bin with a place in the middle for trash bags.   Slick, huh?

We celebrated with a new coffee pot and new stools for each of  us.  Now we can sit down while we drink coffee and work in the kitchen.  How handy is that?





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