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Ahh . . . Springtime in Augusta.   The garden is planted.  The pine pollen is finally receding.  The Masters is on television.  And I’m sick, as the proverbial dog, with allergies.  Last year I said they were the worst ever — unfortunately, this year they’ve risen above that mark.  I’ve been on Benedryl and my asthma inhaler since the first of March.  The hepa filter in the bedroom really helps at night since I turn it on high all day to clean out the air in there.  But still — I can’t spend every minute of the day sequestered.

Friday I planted more flower seeds in the newly arranged beds Bruce prepared in the flower area near the back door.  I had an idea of how I wanted them to be so I really needed to do it myself.  Boy, oh boy — I paid for it on Saturday.  I was as limp as an old dish rag and spent most of the day in bed, never even getting out of my robe.

When I was a kid, I remember one trip to Colorado with Mom, Dad, Hugh and Patrick and me.  It was June and the pine trees next to our mountain cabin in Estes Park were pollenating.  Mother, poor dear, was terribly allergic to them.  We no sooner unloaded the car than she folded up like a tent and fell into bed.  After several days of taking care of her and cooking for all of us and chasing a 3 year old Patrick, Dad decided he wasn’t really enjoying himself.  He packed us all up and we headed home.  Of course, with each mile away from the pollen, Mother improved.  By the time we got back to Illinois she was fine and well-rested, but Dad, on the other hand, was not!

At least I’m not chasing a 3 year old!


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