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Please be seated . . .

So — we finally decided to bite the bullet and get two new chairs.  Our old ones just weren’t doing it anymore.  Bruce’s rocking recliner bent too low for him to get in and out of easily.  His bum leg needs more support when he gets up.  My overstuffed chair was too deep for me.  I needed a cushion behind my back and that wasn’t working too well either as it tended to slip down.

Saturday we headed off to shop for two chairs which we found in the second store we tried.  We chose power lift recliners — one large and solid to fit Bruce and another smaller one for me.   We had them delivered the next day and soon sank down with audible aahhs.   It’s great to have a chair that actually fits.  Monday afternoon I took a nice long nap.  You know — to break it in.   zzzzzz


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Use It or Lose It

Yesterday we went on a cleaning binge.  Bruce, God bless him, took everything out of the laundry room/store room.  He threw away about three bags of junk, crap, stuff.  All those things you think you “might” need but really don’t.  For example, we had paper products left over from our wedding party.  We will celebrate our sixth anniversary soon.  Out they went.  Then he organized what was left. In fact, we had to walk in there several times just to admire the view, and a few bare shelves.

I went through everything on and in my desk and re-thought what I really needed to save.  Another bag of trash.

There’s nothing like a clean place to feel quite superior.

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Boston was cold, the train ride was bumpy, and the view from our time-share apartment was spectacular!  The sun rose over the harbor which we could see from our bedroom window.  Wonderful!

It was our first trip so we did all the touristy things.  We took the Hop on and off tour to see the high spots.  One day we decided to go out to Harvard to the natural science museum.  Unfortunately, we got lost that day and walked waaay tooo much.  By the time we got home we were really dragging, and sore.

Thanksgiving was interesting at Plimouth Plantation.  The 2011 “pilgrims” and Indians were all extremely well-fed, contrary to the 1620 versions.  No one looked like they were starving.  (smile.)  They had had a fire in one of the houses just a couple of days before.  The thatch was gone and the main beams were charred.  I asked one of the “pilgrims” about it and he made it sound like they had hauled buckets of water from the creek.  ???  They don’t have any modern fire codes??  And fire equipment nearby?  I doubt they can risk anything so dangerous.   Even the Globe Theatre in London has a fire resistant roof under that thatch.  I mentioned it to the taxi driver and he too scoffed.   However, the pilgrims aren’t supposed to talk about anything outside their realm.  So there we are.

The train ride was interesting but long.  Next time we go on a train trip, we’re taking an express train and upgrading to business class.  Maybe there won’t be any crying babies there.  I also now know where Kingstree SC is located (in addition to a dozen other little towns).  I didn’t used to know that.

It was good to be home and, as always, the dogs were happy to be back in their own beds, as were we.

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