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Some Like it Hot

We were down to our last clean plate.

The dishwasher needs hot water to run properly.  Our 15 year old hot water heater had succumbed to old age — and it was the weekend.  Sigh. . . .  Sure we could have taken the dishes out and washed them by hand — boiling water in a kettle.  But that didn’t solve the shower issue.

So we called the plumber and he came and brought a new, larger, hot water heater.  it heated up in about an hour and a half.  Enough time for me to take a quick, rapidly cooling shower.  Poor Bruce had to bathe in the sink.  The problem was not entirely solved.

The next morning we called the electrician.  Unfortunately we needed to update the wiring to the fuse box and the heater.  Five hours and many dollars later, we had lovely and very hot water.  Now we’re set for another decade and a half.


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Feeling like a Ham

We bought a Christmas ham.  After six meals with it, I’m glad to see the end of it.  We always get plenty to feed the number of adults we expect for dinner.  When people can’t come, we have more left over than we expect.  “We’ll freeze some” was one school of thought.  However, it was already sliced and ready to go — so easy when you also have potato salad,  mac and cheese and sweet potatoes.  Oh — and pecan pie and frosted sugar cookies and fudge and seven-layer cookies . . .   I never want anyone to leave hungry.  However, now we are full and ready to go back to chicken soup.  Happy New Year!

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