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Sick of It

I’ve been sick.  More so than I can ever remember.

The problem is my heart condition — atrial fibrillation — which has gotten progressively worse in the last 6 years.  Unfortunately, I inherited heart disease from both sides of my family.  We can’t escape from genetics.

I was supposed to have an ablation at the beginning of the month but pre-op labs showed severe anemia.  They canceled the procedure and stuck me in the hospital for blood transfusions.  No place makes you love your own bed like a hospital.  So now I’m on iron tablets and liver dinners.  It’s helping to improve my hemoglobin but I have to start over again with the cardiac procedure after they track down my anemia — which I think was just a fluke.  I had almost given up eating red meat.  Now I’m back to the beef.

Anyway, I’m learning patience and humility.  That’s not a bad thing.

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