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Poor Puppy, part two

We finally caught him.  He spent the night inside a nice wooden crate after he had his supper.  Bruce even went out in the middle of the night to rig a piece of plastic so he wouldn’t get wet from the rain.  Three towels made him a soft warm bed.  I’m sure he slept like a lamb, or at least a small puppy.  Either way, it was better than under Bruce’s lawnmower where he has taken up residence.

After some breakfast of puppy chow the next morning, we took him out to the county animal shelter.  The fact that he’s young and a Rottweiler mix will make him quite adoptable said the attendant.  She thought he was about 4 months old.  Amen.  Thus ends the puppy saga.

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Ants Can’t Swim

Thank heavens they can’t.

Our dogs eat regularly — one older one inside, the young one outside, so they don’t fight over their food.

However, we feed Raggs, our outside cat, outside.  We also feed neighborhood cat(s) too.  After having a terrible time with ants getting into their food, minutes, and I do mean minutes, after putting it out, I was ready to throw up my hands.  The internet came to the rescue.  A site said to put their food dishes inside a larger pan/dish with water in the outer pan so to create a moat around the food dish.  It worked!  Now we can feed everyone bug free.

Sorry you nasty ants.  You’re out of luck.  No free lunch here.

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Poor Puppy

I’m afraid we’ve been adopted.

Two weeks ago a little Rottweiler mix puppy showed up.  Bruce did all he could to dissuade the pup from hanging around.  We even tried not feeding him until I could no longer bear to see his ribs showing.  He had taken up residence under the neighbor”s shed when we blocked him from squeezing through our fence and living under our garden shed.  During the day he hides under Bruce”s big lawnmower.  Annie, our Lab/Terrier mix decided she wanted to mother the little  fellow.  So they kissed and rubbed noses through the fence.   Ginger, the Corgi/beagle, our older dog, was not impressed.

Every time the dog chaser showed up he was nowhere to be found.  Twice.  Pretty street wise.

We are now on the list to get a trap/cage from Animal Control that will, hopefully, catch him so we can either take him to the shelter or the vet.  We’ll see.

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