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After a period of unseasonably warm weather, Raggs, our calico, decided to find her own way to cool off.  She was out on the deck, on her back, all four paws in the air, letting the wind blow her belly fur.  She was quite comfy it appeared.

A new quilt, in patchwork calico, can certainly jazz up the bedroom decor.  Besides, it’s warm.  Ask Ginger, our dog.

Nothing satisfies a sweet tooth like warm brownies with vanilla ice cream melting down the sides.

Date night is extra special when you’ve not been on one in a good while.  Popcorn, diet cokes and an interesting movie.  Fun and relaxing.

Persuading other book club members to try massage therapy, my comment was, “the worst one I ever had, was wonderful.”


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I note with interest the Nativity at our church.  When we first started attending there, their Nativity Scene was in sore need of updating.  It was evident with the mismatched figures, so obviously different or else why would a lamb be the same size as a person?  I was relieved a few years ago when they purchased a new set.  It was new, lovely — and the figures in  proportion to one another.

Because the Magi don’t show up until the Feast of the Epiphany, January 6th, they are there on December 25th, but not nearby.  Holy Trinity handles it by putting the Magi on the far side of the church.

Last week they had made it midway across the church, by the altar.  In fact, they were hiding in amidst the poinsettias on the altar steps.  (They must have heard that Herod was in the neighborhood.)  So it was with interest that I noted their progress today.  There they were, outside the manger, adoring the Christ Child.  Their journey was complete.

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