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Kindle-ing New Stuff

I sure like my Kindle.  I inherited Bruce’s about two years ago.  On trips it is so handy, even trips to the doctor’s office (heaven knows, I’ve had plenty of those this past year).  Ordering a book and having it “delivered” in a matter of seconds is so convenient, I can barely contain my delight.  Wow.  Wish I had thought of that.

Well — in the world of electronic devices, my “old” Kindle was getting out-dated.  (What’s the time frame for that?  A few months?  I used to want to choke a person who would say, soon after I would buy a new computer, “You know that’s now obsolete?”  Justifiable homicide.)

We have so many books already, although we seem to weed through them often, we really don’t need more paper books.  Electronic versions sure are a quick solution.  Seldom do I re-read a book anymore.  There are too many new ones yet to read.   I love the bigger fonts; speed reading made super easy.  Easy on the eyes and the brain.

Too bad my new Kindle Paperwhite couldn’t be just as easy on the wallet.


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Not a Sun-day

What to do on a cold, wet Sunday afternoon?  First, come home from church to a house filled with the smell of pot roast.  Eat roast with roasted carrots and potatoes.  I like mine smothered under catsup.  Butter a hot roll.  Sip cold tea with the meal.  Yes, that works.

My husband says that I get more good out of the Sunday edition of the newspaper than anyone he knows.  Years ago it was a treat.  Today it still is.  To curl up with the paper on a lazy afternoon is a delight.  Often I fall asleep.  That’s okay.  When I wake up, I simply pick up where I left off.  I don’t even have to rewind like I do with dvds.

When the spring pollen finally subsizes and the weather warms up, we’ll clean up the screened porch and then we’ll be set for a new season of Porch Zen.  Good vibes on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday . . . .

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