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Our trip to New York City, via Amtrak, was fun and interesting and very tiring.  We did the usual touristy things: toured the harbor to see the the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, took bus tours and saw museums.  We did as much as we could in the six days we were there.  One museum a day is about all we could manage.  Bruce loved the Museum of Natural History so he could see the dinosaurs and “Lucy”.  Poor Lucy only had about 10 bones left.  We expected more since the magazines always show a “reconstructed” version of Lucy.  I guess the world is lucky to get that much, considering her age.

I love medieval art.  I always enjoyed teaching that time period in British Literature.  We explored one full gallery of the Metropolitan Museum where I would read every placard if time allowed.  Dear Bruce was patient with me and let me wander.

The subway was easy to ride. Snagging a taxi wasn’t quite so easy.  I just wish my body liked walking as much as my mind does. I took my cane with me which was helpful on uneven pavements.  The weather was cooperative.  Cool and breezy as one would expect in April.

The train was more comfortable than the last trip as we upgraded to business class which gave Bruce more room for his long legs.  We even had a steward for our car who pampered us on the ten hour trip.  He brought drinks and pillows and newspapers.  Nice.

Our friends’ studio apartment in Brooklyn Heights was in a comfortable neighborhood with lots of restaurants, a near-by grocery and easy access to a subway station.  To have a kitchenette was perfect at night for a quick supper and simple breakfast each morning.  We were quite comfortable.

Bruce and I are ready to go back again.  There’s still lots of museums to see.  Much more to taste.



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