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Corny, Yes

Yesterday I ate the best corn on the cob I have ever had.  

We bought it at Fresh Market, an upscale grocery.  With that we also had hamburgers mixed with gouda, also purchased at Fresh Market, grilled outside.  The burgers too were delicious and different. What a delight to sit on the deck with the grill and the dogs.  After a hard day of work, we had a wonderful dinner.  A great holiday. 

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Home Sweeter Home

I hosted one of my two book clubs this week.  Because the weather was cooperative, I set the round table on the deck for five and the screened porch table for four.  Even though we were having a casual pot luck salad supper, I sat the tables with cloth tablecloths and cloth napkins, the good china and good silver and flowers in the center.  We’re all old enough to need a reminder of more genteel days in this world of deposable dinnerware.  With cold tea or lemonade or a glass of wine, we were soon chatting up a storm as only a bunch of women can do.  Two members brought their mothers who were sweet and charming.  A leisurely meal and good conversation brings out the best in all of us.

I mentioned that night that we were thinking of moving.*  The next day I got several emails from members who wrote glowing thank-yous about how nice it all was:  sitting and eating outdoors, the pots of flowers on the deck, the charm of a late spring evening.  I read them to  Bruce, the man who has our lower yard looking like a park, so the house on the hill looks down on that serene view.

The reason I’ve lived here for 29 years is that I’ve never been able to find a place I like better.    We have put a lot of time, energy and thought into this place and it really is an oasis.  I know that if we put it on the market and it sells in two weeks, I will cry like a baby.  Will anyone ever love it the way I have?

* See Bruce’s post at Red Clay and Sand

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