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What to Save?

I purchased a new sewing machine recently.  I had spent too much money trying to repair the old one.  I sewed James’ layette on that old machine.  He is now 43 years old.  It was a long ago Christmas present from Mom and Dad.  I think I got their money’s worth.

Bruce had torn one of his everyday shirts he wears when working in the garden.  I was anxious to try the new machine and its mending stitch.  It was a good opportunity to check it out.  I was pleased with the results as I was worried he would tear it further before I got a chance to fix it.

With sewing chores on my mind, I decided to sort through my assorted and vast mess of sewing notions. They were in two under-the-bed storage boxes.  Wow!  What a discovery!  Stuff I had forgotten I had was also stashed in those boxes!  Bruce and I had a trip down memory lane when we re-discovered my Pet Rock from 1975.  With Bruce’s research we found out that had it been in an uncrushed box, it would have been worth $25.  It wasn’t.  We also found an old Big Ben wind-up clock that was worth $9 if it worked.  It didn’t.

What truly amazed me was the variety of stuff I chose to save.  A decorated tuna can with 7 year old Jim’s script saying “I love you” which was an apt gift for Mother’s Day long ago.  The boys’ last diaper pins; a necessary item back in the days of cloth diapers.  Some jewelry left over from my high school days.  That went in the zip-lock bag marked for the “We Buy Gold Here” shop.  A white size 10 blouse that was no longer white.  It hit the trash sack. I also found a bunch of material for some (now unknown) sewing projects.  I even found a pair of flannel pajamas I had cut out (but never sewed) for Baby Emily who is now in middle school.

Eventually I got the notions sorted out in one box and the stash of material in another.  Hopefully, next time I won’t wait so long to sift through the memories.


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