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A Little Bit of Christmas

With the Christmas season half over and the new year almost here, I am pondering how life moves along.  Our Christmas was quiet, our decorations subdued and the food rather basic.  Christmas Day church was even rather quiet.  When the Feast of the Epiphany is over, we’ll take down the lights from the tree and the mantle and put away the Nativity Scenes and the few Father Christmas’ we put out.  This year I decided not to bake, the first time in 48 years.  I bought several types of cookies and fruitcake from Publix.  Bruce baked a delicious ham and I made a big bowl of potato salad.  Sweet potatoes and the obligatory green beans and soft rolls were also part of the meals.  However, the big hit this year was Jello!  Yes, orange jello with mandarin oranges and lime jello with crushed pineapple.  The kids dove in, with the adults right behind.  I guess simple foods never go out of style.

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