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To Burn or Not

it is cold.  About as cold as it will get here in the winter.  

Not last winter, but prior to that we had fires several nights a week.  This year each night the fireplace stares at me.  Empty. Even of ashes.  

So what do we do?  It is clean without any ashes.  But it also isn’t warm on a cold windy night. Yesterday it was so cold and windy that we talked ourselves out of going out to the movie theatre.  We had NetFlix at home and colas and popcorn.  What we lacked was a fire to be ultimately cozy.  But then, neither would the theatre be super cozy, and we would have had to go out in the cold, to a cold car for the trip home.  I guess we still won.

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Simple Clean-up

Our Christmas tree was one step up from last year’s which was actually the ficus tree in the living room.  Both had lights.  Neither had ornaments.  What was easy to go up, was also easy to take down.  What surprised me was that no one — not even the grandchildren — said, “Why are there no ornaments on the tree?”  It was beautiful with just lights and a star on top.  SImple.

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