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It’s pansy time again.

When we first moved here 28 years ago I had trouble believing that there were flowers that actually stay alive, outside, all winter long.  It seemed like a miracle.  I’ve already bragged about how beautiful the porch boxes with coral impatiens were this year.  Now it’s time to switch.  We’re headed to the garden center this week.


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Flowers and More

One advantage of being more home-bound than normal is that our deck looks wonderful this year.

Each morning,  even if I’m not feeling well,  I can still toddle out there to check on my flowers.  With the beastly heat this summer they really need to be watered daily so I also deadhead and pull off dead leaves and pinch and prune while I’m there.  A good routine.

The porch boxes got a late start this year.  Last winter we grew the most beautiful and sturdy pansies I had ever had.  I found a flat of apricot colored pansies at Home Depot.  They were the only flat of that color left so they were easy to spot in the garden center.  Up against the newly painted cream-colored railing and brown deck floor they were a perfect complement.  With a sprinkle of Ozmocote they lasted till late April with large and constant blooms.  I was sad to see them finally go with the onset of the summer heat.

I thought I wouldn’t plant impatiens.  They didn’t do well last year, spindly and sparse.  However,  the coral impatiens just yelled to come home with me.  They too have done well — a shot of Ozmocote and a lots of TLC worked well again.

Bruce replanted four rose bushes from the lower yard, where we never saw them, and put two in pots on the deck and two in pots in the flower garden.  They have done remarkably well, blooming regularly now. With some red petunias and orange marigolds, a big pot of white impatiens and red ones and a resurrected ficus tree, the deck is thoroughly floral.  On nice days it’s a great place to be.  From the living room it’s a great place to see.

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It just screams, “Summertime!”

Nothing is quite like a bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich.  Especially when the red juicy tomatoes come from your own garden.  I even peeled them so they were extra juicy.  I mean drip off your chin juicy!   Yum, Yum.

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Red and Ripe

In the past, we’ve left the tomatoes on the vine until we were ready to eat them.  Not his year.  Bruce has gone beyond his usual diligence.  He has trimmed and staked and tied and watered.  The plants are  beautiful.

So now he picks them as soon as they start to turn red.  We bring them and let them ripen inside — no bugs or wasps.  They’re all ours.  Bruce has even has become the tomato delivery man, hanging a bag on the neighbor’s door knob every few days.  Aah, the bounty of summer!

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Hello Again

Hey everyone!  It’s been so long since I’ve blogged that I forgot my password. . .  Took me about seven tries to get it right.

Although I am much better, I’m still not 100%.  Yet each day I feel a bit stronger and can do a bit more housework.  The doctor said it would take a while for everything to resolve itself after the ablation.  However, my a-fib episodes, although frequent, are much less debilitating.  I just take my meds and soldier on.

Thinking I’d be running laps around the block by now — boy, was I optimistic — I offered to host our June get-together for my garden club.  That was back in early May.  Thank Heavens for a hard working husband who takes great pride in the yard and garden.  He had the place looking grand.  After all, it was the GARDEN CLUB, who would notice weeds (some could tell you the latin names) and the failure to dead-head.  Bruce outdid himself.  The old homestead looked fantastic!  One lady asked Bruce if we had professional lawn care.  Himself beamed with pride.

Bruce, aka The Grillmeister, produced juicy hot dogs and hamburgers.  The others brought the side dishes.  We ate and ate and talked and laughed and enjoyed the screen porch and the deck.  The weather was glorious.  Humidity was low and the breeze was steady, so unusual for Augusta at this time of year.   I’ll probably be getting a bill from the weatherman for ordering up such a lovely evening.

Needless to say, we were happy we had leftovers as neither of us strayed far from the recliner or the porch the next day.  We were too busy sniffing roses.

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How Sweet It Is

With gardenias blooming on one side of the house, Confederate jasmine on another, and honeysuckle on a third side, it smells quite nice around here!  I wish I could bottle it.

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Weeding is not one of my favorite activities, however, a necessary one.  Last summer my left ankle was in bad shape so I was hobbling in May and imprisoned in a cast during June.

This morning I got up early and  weeded for an hour before it got hot.  I love seeing a pile of dead weeds yanked out by their nasty old roots.  It’s like beating the enemy — for awhile at least.

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