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A Week of Sundays

Yes, I know the old expression is a “month of Sundays” but the holidays aren’t that long. Christmas Day seemed like a Sunday,  followed by an actual Sunday and the same with New Year’s Day plus a regular Sunday.  Thank heavens tomorrow is a real Monday.  Now we can get back to a normal routine where I don’t have to check the calendar to determine the day of the week.  The Christmas decorations are coming down Monday too.  After all, the stores already have the Valentine’s Day stuff out.  Boy, we wouldn’t want to miss a chance to miss a merchandising opportunity, would we?

At least this year more people said, “Merry Christmas” rather than the politically correct “Happy Holidays”.   Two years ago, I asked someone who I knew was not Christian, if they celebrated Christmas.  I got a surprised, slightly peeved, “Yes.”  I forget about the secular version.  To me, it’s still about the birth of Christ.

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