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I know I talk about it all the time, but I LOVE having both an open deck and a screened porch.  There are just so many good vibes that come from both.  I don’t know why we even thought of moving.  There is a darned good reason why I’ve lived here for 29 years.  We absolutely can’t find anything we like better.

I have lots of pots of flowers on the deck where they are easy to water and care for.  The porch keeps the bugs at bay.  And the daybed?  Heavens!  Several years ago we had  a husband and wife team come to tile the area by the front door and in front of the fireplace.    The wife lit up when she saw the daybed on the porch.  “Oh, yeah, that’s where I’d be if I lived here.”  Well, she’d have to fight me for it.  In fact, if Mother were still alive and she were visiting we’d too have to arm wrestle for it.  But — being a good daughter I’d let her have it.  When I was in high school and we lived in Omaha, our house had a screened porch off the living room.  She had a chair, a table for her ash tray and book and coffee cup and a cot with a sleeping bag on it so she could even sleep out there if she wanted.  It also had a hanging porch swing. That’s where I liked to sit.  It was quite the cozy place and all hers.  Now I understand the feeling.


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Not a Sun-day

What to do on a cold, wet Sunday afternoon?  First, come home from church to a house filled with the smell of pot roast.  Eat roast with roasted carrots and potatoes.  I like mine smothered under catsup.  Butter a hot roll.  Sip cold tea with the meal.  Yes, that works.

My husband says that I get more good out of the Sunday edition of the newspaper than anyone he knows.  Years ago it was a treat.  Today it still is.  To curl up with the paper on a lazy afternoon is a delight.  Often I fall asleep.  That’s okay.  When I wake up, I simply pick up where I left off.  I don’t even have to rewind like I do with dvds.

When the spring pollen finally subsizes and the weather warms up, we’ll clean up the screened porch and then we’ll be set for a new season of Porch Zen.  Good vibes on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday . . . .

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To Shop and Not Drop

I went shopping Friday.  Big deal?  Yes, in fact, it was.

It’s been months since I felt like doing that.  it’s been go-in-the-store-grab-the-item-and-head-for-the-cashier.

Friday I needed a new iron.  The old one had been unreliable for several months.  It would cut off and on.  Finally it simply wouldn’t come on at all and I had a stack of pillowcases to press.  We love having crisp cases, sprayed with lavender starch.  What a joy!  Fortunately, we have enough to last two months between ironings.

I researched on the internet the kind of iron I wanted.  They were available at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  I’ve always liked that store.  They have good quality items at decent prices and they send out those lovely 20% off coupons which I keep in my car or right by my purse.  Handy.  I seldom shop there that I don’t find exactly what I need.

Anyway, I enjoyed an hour of strolling through the store, with the new Black & Decker Digital Advantage Iron (right price, right features) and also found several other items I needed.  The shower caddy in the master bath was too small to hold big bottles of shampoo, conditioner and  body wash.  It was awkward.  They had to lie down on the shelf, flopping around and falling off.  So I was able to find a larger one that holds upright all the stuff we use in there.  I also needed a neck pillow for my poor arthritic neck when I watch TV.  Sofa pillows didn’t work.  I found one that works well.  And, finally, I found a cover for the four slice toaster in the kitchen.  We’ve needed a new one for two years since the kitchen was remodeled.

What a pleasure to simply stroll and look and price things.  Coming home it dawned on me that this purchase was only the third iron I’ve owned in 46 years.  I believe my mother-in-law gave me two books of Green Stamps to buy the first one.  Boy, that was ages ago.  How many people even remember Green Stamps?   Either I don’t iron enough or irons do last a good long time.  By the way, the new one is much more efficient that the old one.  I whipped through the stack in no time at all.  Easy.

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Hello Again

Hey everyone!  It’s been so long since I’ve blogged that I forgot my password. . .  Took me about seven tries to get it right.

Although I am much better, I’m still not 100%.  Yet each day I feel a bit stronger and can do a bit more housework.  The doctor said it would take a while for everything to resolve itself after the ablation.  However, my a-fib episodes, although frequent, are much less debilitating.  I just take my meds and soldier on.

Thinking I’d be running laps around the block by now — boy, was I optimistic — I offered to host our June get-together for my garden club.  That was back in early May.  Thank Heavens for a hard working husband who takes great pride in the yard and garden.  He had the place looking grand.  After all, it was the GARDEN CLUB, who would notice weeds (some could tell you the latin names) and the failure to dead-head.  Bruce outdid himself.  The old homestead looked fantastic!  One lady asked Bruce if we had professional lawn care.  Himself beamed with pride.

Bruce, aka The Grillmeister, produced juicy hot dogs and hamburgers.  The others brought the side dishes.  We ate and ate and talked and laughed and enjoyed the screen porch and the deck.  The weather was glorious.  Humidity was low and the breeze was steady, so unusual for Augusta at this time of year.   I’ll probably be getting a bill from the weatherman for ordering up such a lovely evening.

Needless to say, we were happy we had leftovers as neither of us strayed far from the recliner or the porch the next day.  We were too busy sniffing roses.

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Some Like it Hot

We were down to our last clean plate.

The dishwasher needs hot water to run properly.  Our 15 year old hot water heater had succumbed to old age — and it was the weekend.  Sigh. . . .  Sure we could have taken the dishes out and washed them by hand — boiling water in a kettle.  But that didn’t solve the shower issue.

So we called the plumber and he came and brought a new, larger, hot water heater.  it heated up in about an hour and a half.  Enough time for me to take a quick, rapidly cooling shower.  Poor Bruce had to bathe in the sink.  The problem was not entirely solved.

The next morning we called the electrician.  Unfortunately we needed to update the wiring to the fuse box and the heater.  Five hours and many dollars later, we had lovely and very hot water.  Now we’re set for another decade and a half.

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Please be seated . . .

So — we finally decided to bite the bullet and get two new chairs.  Our old ones just weren’t doing it anymore.  Bruce’s rocking recliner bent too low for him to get in and out of easily.  His bum leg needs more support when he gets up.  My overstuffed chair was too deep for me.  I needed a cushion behind my back and that wasn’t working too well either as it tended to slip down.

Saturday we headed off to shop for two chairs which we found in the second store we tried.  We chose power lift recliners — one large and solid to fit Bruce and another smaller one for me.   We had them delivered the next day and soon sank down with audible aahhs.   It’s great to have a chair that actually fits.  Monday afternoon I took a nice long nap.  You know — to break it in.   zzzzzz

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Use It or Lose It

Yesterday we went on a cleaning binge.  Bruce, God bless him, took everything out of the laundry room/store room.  He threw away about three bags of junk, crap, stuff.  All those things you think you “might” need but really don’t.  For example, we had paper products left over from our wedding party.  We will celebrate our sixth anniversary soon.  Out they went.  Then he organized what was left. In fact, we had to walk in there several times just to admire the view, and a few bare shelves.

I went through everything on and in my desk and re-thought what I really needed to save.  Another bag of trash.

There’s nothing like a clean place to feel quite superior.

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