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After a period of unseasonably warm weather, Raggs, our calico, decided to find her own way to cool off.  She was out on the deck, on her back, all four paws in the air, letting the wind blow her belly fur.  She was quite comfy it appeared.

A new quilt, in patchwork calico, can certainly jazz up the bedroom decor.  Besides, it’s warm.  Ask Ginger, our dog.

Nothing satisfies a sweet tooth like warm brownies with vanilla ice cream melting down the sides.

Date night is extra special when you’ve not been on one in a good while.  Popcorn, diet cokes and an interesting movie.  Fun and relaxing.

Persuading other book club members to try massage therapy, my comment was, “the worst one I ever had, was wonderful.”

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Films and Feet

One of the benefits of being hobbled with a cast is the ability to feel justified for doing something I want to do anyway.  We’ve been busy watching films lately.   I’ve said repeatedly that I’m a movie junkie.  When I was working, one of my treats was to rush through my Saturday morning chores and dash off to an early afternoon showing.  Add a healthy (as in large) popcorn and diet coke lunch and –boy– was I set.

I’m a avowed anglophile — notice my handle on this blog?  What an easy way to “visit” England without the expense of a plane ticket!  So watching British television series on dvds is fun for me.  I’m especially fond of the detective shows.  I’ve even got Bruce hooked on them, such as The Last Detective series starring Peter Davidson — known to some as one of the actors who has played Doctor Who and also who played the brother, Tristan, from All Creatures Great and Small.  He is just bumbling enough to be endearing and astute enough to solve the crime.  We’re currently working on the Inspector Lynley series.  I’d read some of the books by Elizabeth George before it became a series.  We’ve already worked our way through Brother Caedfael — again from the books by Ellis Peters. The Midsomer Murders are on the Netflix queue too.  They’re nice to watch too because they are usually shorter than full length films — about an hour.

However, we saw two great films over the weekend.  One was Nothing but the Truth about a journalist and the extremes she exercised to protect her source for an inflammatory story.  The other was The Blind Side, which has been so popular, but we missed in the theater for one reason or another.  It was just as good as everyone said it was.  Both films were thought-provoking.   It’s good to enjoy a film and enjoy it even more by mulling it over the next day.   That’s really getting our money’s worth!

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I’ve mentioned often that I’m a movie fanatic.  One of the advantages of being “laid up” is the freedom to watch TV and films without guilt.  I still feel a hold-over from my dad which said that watching a lot of TV was really a waste of time.   Ironically, though, when we are without electronic connectivity (I can’t believe I actually used that term) for any length of time we really miss computer access more than TV.  However, don’t let either one of us be without a book for long.  We’re liable to start snarling.

Tonight on all the major networks is a fund raiser for the earthquake victims in Haiti.  A noble cause I know.  Our church already announced that they would be collecting money for Catholic Relief Services soon.  (By the way, a large shipment landed in Haiti today supplied by CRS.)  However, long ago I discovered that the telethon for Jerry’s Kids could get really long and tedious after a while.  The nature of fundraising is like that.

So — tonight will be a movie night, compliments of Netflix!

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Exciting Movie

The new film Angels and Demons came out yesterday and we, along with a theater full of other folks, were there. I liked this book by Dan Brown more than The DaVinci Code. I think I understood it better. Anyway, we’d read a review in the paper that panned it, as usual. I think film critics are way too jaded and go to see a film with the preconceived idea that they will not like it. Period. As usual, we really liked the movie. It was exciting and stayed true to the book. The characters were believable and the pace never dragged. Even the outside shots of Rome were accurate. In one scene, several characters are standing outside a building and in the background you can see a pipe with graffiti scrawled on it. Yep — that’s Rome. Graffiti is everywhere. Nasty stuff. The film crew probably had to work hard to position actors so they stood in front of that mess as much as possible.

I was on the edge of my seat most of the time. As the film ended I looked at another woman and said, “That was a lot of work!” She laughed, “Yes, it was.” Go see it.

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Another Film

Bruce and I take turns picking out which movie we go see. We’ve been on a viewing binge lately. Given the exciting previews, he chose Taken starring Liam Neeson. It was really bang-it-up-shoot-em-and-punch-em action film. I was glad we had eaten right before we got there. I couldn’t have managed a sack of popcorn and a soda. The film was too absorbing. The only thing I didn’t like was Neeson’s hair dye. He was supposed to be an older man — let him have some gray hair, for heavens sake.

Several critics panned the film, but this is what I think. We go to be entertained.  If that happens, we’re happy.

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We’ve seen three good films lately. I recommend all of them.

Will Smith gets better and better as he matures. Seven Pounds is interesting. It’s one of these films that starts at the ending. Bring a tissue, even Bruce teared up.

Speaking of better with age, Clint Eastwood has it down pat. Grand Torino is both funny and sad.

Today we saw Last Chance Harvey. The crowd was definitely the over 50s bunch. Again, I like Dustin Hoffman as a more mature fellow.

Happy Viewing!!

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