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To Shop and Not Drop

I went shopping Friday.  Big deal?  Yes, in fact, it was.

It’s been months since I felt like doing that.  it’s been go-in-the-store-grab-the-item-and-head-for-the-cashier.

Friday I needed a new iron.  The old one had been unreliable for several months.  It would cut off and on.  Finally it simply wouldn’t come on at all and I had a stack of pillowcases to press.  We love having crisp cases, sprayed with lavender starch.  What a joy!  Fortunately, we have enough to last two months between ironings.

I researched on the internet the kind of iron I wanted.  They were available at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  I’ve always liked that store.  They have good quality items at decent prices and they send out those lovely 20% off coupons which I keep in my car or right by my purse.  Handy.  I seldom shop there that I don’t find exactly what I need.

Anyway, I enjoyed an hour of strolling through the store, with the new Black & Decker Digital Advantage Iron (right price, right features) and also found several other items I needed.  The shower caddy in the master bath was too small to hold big bottles of shampoo, conditioner and  body wash.  It was awkward.  They had to lie down on the shelf, flopping around and falling off.  So I was able to find a larger one that holds upright all the stuff we use in there.  I also needed a neck pillow for my poor arthritic neck when I watch TV.  Sofa pillows didn’t work.  I found one that works well.  And, finally, I found a cover for the four slice toaster in the kitchen.  We’ve needed a new one for two years since the kitchen was remodeled.

What a pleasure to simply stroll and look and price things.  Coming home it dawned on me that this purchase was only the third iron I’ve owned in 46 years.  I believe my mother-in-law gave me two books of Green Stamps to buy the first one.  Boy, that was ages ago.  How many people even remember Green Stamps?   Either I don’t iron enough or irons do last a good long time.  By the way, the new one is much more efficient that the old one.  I whipped through the stack in no time at all.  Easy.

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The WalMart Effect

I don’t go to WalMart any more often than I have to.  There is way too much temptation.  I end up buying things I didn’t even know I needed or wanted.  Okay, sometimes I get something really cool.  But the truth is, I could have managed very well without it.  As cheap as some items are, if I don’t buy them, I’ve saved even more, just by not spending at all.

However, the other day I needed two things that I knew I could get there without running all over town.  It’s terribly hot.  No one needs to spend any more time in the car or parking lot than absolutely necessary.

I found the first item, some Oil of Olay facial cloths I particularly like,  in short order — and, of course, much cheaper than the price in any other store.  The second item was the same — something I knew they had, and cheaper too.  However, once again, I noticed that odd phenomenon. If I’m getting  just two things, the second one is always as far away from the first as is humanly possible.  I still have to walk the entire store.  But, at least it was air-conditioned and cooler than the parking lot.

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