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Life on Saturday

The Cougars are now 2 and 2. At this morning’s game I was sitting next to one very funny father.

“Look at that big goalie! We should check his ID. Is he under 11? He looks like a 9th grader to me!”

“Whoa! Watch number 2 go! We should check his report card. Maybe he has some bad grades.”

“Number 2 has got to go! That kid is killing us! Someone should trip him, maybe he’ll break a leg.”

We have four more games to go. Wish us luck. Go Cougars!

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The Cougars

Today Bruce’s soccer team eight, nine and ten year olds from Fort Gordon played their first game, a double header.  They lost the first and won the second one.  Quite respectable for their first real play day.  There isn’t another team at the post they can scrimmage.  As Bruce said, this was the first time they all were headed in the same direction.  These situations usually reveal the hidden jewel, the kid who rises to the occasion, beyond what you might expect.  And vice versa.

I’m actually starting to understand the game.  One parent said, “This is better than March Madness!”  It was exciting.  It’s great to know the kids by name as I go to the practices with Bruce.  I’m certainly not an assistant coach, just Mrs. Coach, however, it is fulfilling to watch them develop.  Bruce did still have some voice left from yelling instructions all morning.

We were up very early as the first game was at 9, so we were there after 8, meaning we got up at 6.  That’s tough on a Saturday.  Actually that’s tough now for me any day of the week!  But it was fun.  And we get to do it again Thursday.

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