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Technology? Bah!

Years ago I remember a colleague at work complain that she couldn’t get her new VCR to work properly.  I asked her several questions; had she done this or that.  “Even my dad can’t get it to record.  He’s pretty good about things like this,” she said.  I thought to myself, no wonder I keep my old VCR, I know how to work it.

When that same VCR finally gave up the ghost, Bruce suggested we buy a new DVD player which made sense.  We settled on a combination VCR and DVD player/recorder.  And no, we too could not get it to record.  We finally gave up and use it just to play tapes and disks.  Bruce too is pretty good at that sort of thing. We followed the instructions in the booklet and when that failed even tried just using our imagination.  To no avail.

I have had the same cell phone for about eight years.  Last week I was talking to my brother and as I changed from one ear to the other, it flipped shut and cut us off.  That evening I went to use it again and realized a chunk of phone fell off the hinge as I opened it.  I showed Bruce.  “Is  it dead?”  “Yes, it’s dead.”

Having resisted every chance to upgrade, I could no longer hold out.  No, I didn’t want a  smart phone.  Too much money for the amount of time I would use it.  So Bruce was able to get me a new flip phone similar to my old one.  However, I still had to grit my teeth and learn it.  The other day we were in the car much of the day.  I just started going through the functions, getting to know them.  The immersion technique worked as I now feel comfortable with it.  I still can’t find the speaker phone option.  Perhaps it will be like the record option, I’ll just learn to live without it.


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