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Hello Again

Hey everyone!  It’s been so long since I’ve blogged that I forgot my password. . .  Took me about seven tries to get it right.

Although I am much better, I’m still not 100%.  Yet each day I feel a bit stronger and can do a bit more housework.  The doctor said it would take a while for everything to resolve itself after the ablation.  However, my a-fib episodes, although frequent, are much less debilitating.  I just take my meds and soldier on.

Thinking I’d be running laps around the block by now — boy, was I optimistic — I offered to host our June get-together for my garden club.  That was back in early May.  Thank Heavens for a hard working husband who takes great pride in the yard and garden.  He had the place looking grand.  After all, it was the GARDEN CLUB, who would notice weeds (some could tell you the latin names) and the failure to dead-head.  Bruce outdid himself.  The old homestead looked fantastic!  One lady asked Bruce if we had professional lawn care.  Himself beamed with pride.

Bruce, aka The Grillmeister, produced juicy hot dogs and hamburgers.  The others brought the side dishes.  We ate and ate and talked and laughed and enjoyed the screen porch and the deck.  The weather was glorious.  Humidity was low and the breeze was steady, so unusual for Augusta at this time of year.   I’ll probably be getting a bill from the weatherman for ordering up such a lovely evening.

Needless to say, we were happy we had leftovers as neither of us strayed far from the recliner or the porch the next day.  We were too busy sniffing roses.

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During a power outage, flashlights are needed to find the candles.

An older touch-tone telephone functions during a period of no power, when the newer ones are not working.  How else can someone call the power company to check when service will be restored?

Without an electric stove, a butane camp stove works fine.

Even dogs don’t like a dark rooms.

Regardless of what the weather man says, the amount of rain is what falls in your own yard.  Forget the airport.

The wind velocity is determined by the number of pieces of pine straw in the yard and drive.

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Oh, our aching backs.  We spent the morning cleaning up the yard from Wednesday night’s storm.

About 9 PM the wind started to blow — really blow, and rain –really rain.  The lights flashed and then went out — and stayed out.

I guess we’re fortunate in that this was the first time since January of 2004 that the electricity has been off for any length of time.  Christine, who was on oxygen, was in the hospital with pneumonia — I was thankful for that.  It would have been difficult to keep her in tanks, without her big machine.  I had enough trouble keeping me and the pets warm and fed.  Thank heavens for a fireplace. . . .

We spent Thursday monitoring the AC and the frig.  Our house stayed relatively cool given that it was in the 90s outside.  Georgia Power had their hands full, since almost the entire city had many trees down and our neighborhood had to wait our turn.  At 3 AM on Friday, Bruce sat up in bed and shouted, “Hallelujah!” as the AC came back on.

There’s a huge pile of limbs and branches and debris down at the street, but at least the trees are clean.

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I’m never sure when Christmas is really over.  Sure, according to the calendar, December 26th would do.  However, the tree and (scant) decorations this year are still up and generally stay that way in this house until the Feast of the Epiphany which is January 2nd this year.  So here we are.

Yesterday, it snowed.  Not a lot, but any snow in the South is significant since few people know how to drive in it.  Bruce is still wearing the big black boot on his injured leg.  No way could he risk slipping on the wet slick surfaces so we stayed home from church which is rare for us to miss.  It felt like a snow day on the midwest, except here we don’t shovel, we wait.  Mother Nature takes care of it in a day or so.  In Kansas and Nebraska I always worried about having enough food and supplies because sometimes being shut in could be as long as a week.  However, we had lots of food left over from Christmas.  We got ambitious this year and baked a ham and a turkey and a hamloaf.  Bruce also wanted potato salad rather than mashed potatoes.  We fixed squash casserole.   These all get easily reheated or served cold.  We were able to send the cookies home with Jim and Marilyn.

Now we have lots of leftovers so how long could we be eating these?  Until the snow melts?  Or perhaps until Christmas is really over.

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Not So Hot

Yesterday was the first time in 31 days that the thermometer didn’t go past 90 degrees.  Add in high humidity and it’s been sweltering.  We would hurry and scurry around in the morning and dash back in to the air-conditioning.  Bruce, trying to do anything outside in the yard, would come in dripping wet.

We, my purple cast and I, were blessedly exempt from outside work.  My biggest contribution has been keeping the porch boxes watered daily.  I could hobble out and do that without too much risk to life and limb.  Pretty awful for June.

Now it’s July and the temperature and humidity have finally dropped.  Thanks heavens — since tonight is a GreenJackets game.  Tomorrow is the Peach Festival in Gilbert, SC after a visit to Scheley’s BBQ — our July 4th tradition.  Happy Independence Day!

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Finally, spring is officially here.  Yesterday we cleaned the deck and the screen porch.  Yesterday the pine tree pollen started.  Figures.

Yes, our backs were aching last night.  We didn’t scrub down the deck last year and it showed.  Our climate is too warm and shady for the green grunge not to take over if we let it.  Out came the chlorox and the pressure washer.  I sprayed the bleach while Bruce followed behind with the washer hose.   Gone was the green — and flakes of old paint.  The deck needs an update with new paint and a few new boards.  This is the time to do it before it gets too hot and then we can sit back and enjoy it.  We even cleaned the crud off the plastic chairs!  Wow, they look new.  We had a side table/footstool that Bruce brought with him that seemed ready for the dumpster.  Boy, not anymore. Now it gleams shiny white.  (I thought it was gray actually.)

Friday I washed all the rugs and bedding and pillow covers from the porch and had those ready to go fresh and clean for the warmer weather.  This afternoon I used the daybed to rest my sore back.  The rewards of labor, huh?

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Cold Measures

How do you gauge cold weather?  By what the weather man says?? By the amount of time spent shoveling snow?  By the times your car won’t start?   Or do you have another method?

I measure cold weather by how many turtleneck shirts I wear each winter.  There have been  years when I wore them very seldom.  They were too warm.  This winter I have worn them (all eight or nine I own)  repeatedly.  It is unusual for me to wear them almost daily. Before my surgery last year I bought two new soft warm knit  trousers that would feel good against my sore knee as it healed.  They too have been worn almost daily.  With my few sweatshirts, I did manage to stay warm.

Our local weather reports say that this is the coldest winter in many years.  I believe it.  Just look at my laundry.

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