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I know I talk about it all the time, but I LOVE having both an open deck and a screened porch.  There are just so many good vibes that come from both.  I don’t know why we even thought of moving.  There is a darned good reason why I’ve lived here for 29 years.  We absolutely can’t find anything we like better.

I have lots of pots of flowers on the deck where they are easy to water and care for.  The porch keeps the bugs at bay.  And the daybed?  Heavens!  Several years ago we had  a husband and wife team come to tile the area by the front door and in front of the fireplace.    The wife lit up when she saw the daybed on the porch.  “Oh, yeah, that’s where I’d be if I lived here.”  Well, she’d have to fight me for it.  In fact, if Mother were still alive and she were visiting we’d too have to arm wrestle for it.  But — being a good daughter I’d let her have it.  When I was in high school and we lived in Omaha, our house had a screened porch off the living room.  She had a chair, a table for her ash tray and book and coffee cup and a cot with a sleeping bag on it so she could even sleep out there if she wanted.  It also had a hanging porch swing. That’s where I liked to sit.  It was quite the cozy place and all hers.  Now I understand the feeling.


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